Suggested Contributions

Since I’ve been asked for a suggested guideline on how much would be a reasonable contribution, I offer the following, simply as a response.

General supportive donations:
$10 – $100 or whatever you feel comfortable with, and at your comfort of frequency – whether it be a one time gifting, or a regular offering.

Special Occasions:
If you would like a special occasion posted on this site – a birthday, anniversary, other milestones, celebratory announcements, births, memorials, etc., just e-mail your details. If in fitting with the intent of this site, your announcement will be posted upon receiving your funds.
$5: up to 10 lines of text, but no photo.
$12: up to 10 lines of text + photo included.

Events, Classes Offered, etc.:
$3 per week or $10 per month: up to 5 lines of text only.
$5 per week  or $15 per month: up to 5 lines of text + flyer or photo included.

If you have any questions, or need more details, please e-mail:

Other Ways To Show Your Support:
And if a financial contribution is not your thing, but you would still like to be supportive, here are a few other ideas:

  • Pray for me and my efforts.
  • Tell others about my website and my efforts.
  • Link to my website [].
  • Read my articles. (But please do not copy my work in any manner, especially without first obtaining my permission.)
  • Be kind to others.
  • Take the time to offer a smile to someone who could use it.
  • Say hi to your neighbour.
  • Offer to help an organization, group, or individual.
  • Be honest and truthful.
  • Appreciate all you have, no matter how much or how little.
  • Do whatever you can, for whomever you can, whenever you can.

If you would like to reprint anything you read here, in your church’s bulletin, newsletter, etc., please e-mail me to let me know at (hopefully you’ll do that first), with Reprint in the subject line. In your publication(s), of whatever type, please credit me as the author (Gerianne B. Van Vugt) and provide a link to my website [].

So, how will doing any of these things help me, you ask? Simple, because you’ll be helping me do what I’m trying to do. As Christ would be so happy to see all of us do.

With sincerest thanks, I wish you God’s abundant blessings, always.

Gerianne B. Van Vugt


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