Please Consider Contributing

If you enjoy reading and knowing of my work, and would like to see it develop further, I graciously ask that you consider making a modest “free will” contribution. You can do so by using the Paypal “donate” button on the footer of this page.

Similarly, most banks now offer the option of email money transfers, which allow you to send funds to anyone via email. If you decide to use this method, please use as the email address to send your gift to. Please note: this WILL NOT give me access to your account or any of your personal information.  You will also need to email me the specific password that you have chosen for this particular e-transfer transaction, so that I can receive your contribution. I strongly recommend using a completely new password for each e-transfer you send regardless of whom you’re sending it to, even if it’s someone you know well – just to be extra, extra, safe.

If you do decide to contribute, please understand fully that I personally am NOT, nor is Written in Faith (Publishing), or [], a non-profit charitable organization, nor are any of these affiliated with any charitable organization. By supporting Written in Faith (Publishing), you are supporting this individual author, Gerianne B. Van Vugt and my sincere efforts to share God’s love with others.

You will also be helping with such things as my attending related conferences concerning Theology and Disability. Some of the funds (if needed) will also offset my ongoing wheelchair maintenance and other medical expenses that are not covered by a medical plan; as well as maintaining this web site and my writing and advocacy endeavours.

And to this end, I can only offer my sincerest thanks.

While our Lord God has blessed each of us with many gifts that we should share, I believe He hopes that we will use these same gifts to better our own lives as well. We should always strive to be “good stewards” of these gifts and talents that we are honoured with, for the benefit of everyone, and especially for His glory. This is what I am trying to do.

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