Personal Living Attendant – Relief/Part-Time Paid Position

Job Title: Paid Position: Personal Living Attendant – Relief/Part-Time.


Location: West End Halifax (near Mumford), NS, Canada


Start Date:

  • Start date will be as soon as an agreement between the successful candidate and the employer (which is an individual person).



  • Hours will vary based on need, but may increase over time.
  • This position encompasses regular shifts, plus fill in, relief, vacation, and holiday shifts.
  • Work schedule will encompass unexpected/emergency shifts.
  • Staff must be willing to work flexible hours, sometimes on short notice. Work schedule is likely to vary from week to week, depending on the personal needs of the employer.



  • $14.00 per our.
  • This position will require split-shifts, fill-in/relief shifts, HOLIDAY SHIFTTS, early mornings, afternoons, and late evenings – anywhere from 11pm to 1am, on any day of the week, and/or on short notice. Staff may sometimes be asked to stay late or leave a bit early, depending on the employer’s needs. Flexibility is key in this position.


Please Note the following:

  • The successful applicant must be a non-smoker and MAY NOT wear scented cosmetics, (including times of the interview, hiring process and while on the job) as the employer has Asthma and is allergic to many scented products.
  • A current and valid police background check must be fully completed and submitted before being hired.
  • The successful applicant must be willing to sign a Confidentiality Agreement.
  • A preference will be given to the applicant with a willingness to make this job a high employment priority and a willingness to prioritize the needs of the employer.
  • The successful applicant needs to pay own bus tickets/pass when accompanying, (traveling with) the employer.


Job Requirements – The successful applicant must be willing/able to:

  • Do pivot transfers.
  • Do heavier lifting. (This may sometimes be necessary.)
  • When needed for extremely rare overnight duty, staff do not need to be vigilantly awake, but need to be a light sleeper. (Overnight shifts are extremely rare and should not be expected on a regular basis..)
  • Enjoy being active, on the go, and meeting people.
  • Have a positive, well mannered, easy-going, non-institutional attitude.
  • Dress presentable, (suitable for public) but casual.
  • Easy to contact by text, Facebook Messenger and/or e-mail.
  • Enjoy walking.
  • Do personal care.
  • Willing to travel by bus when the employer uses her power chair.
  • Accompany employer to: activities, meetings, church events/services/socials, shopping trips, fitness programs, run errands and any other outings determined by the employer.
  • Do house keeping: including laundry, cleaning, meal preparation, etc.
  • Possess strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to work independently, as well as take on a team-like attitude.

Skills Required:

  • Must be flexible on the job.
  • Must be open minded to unique job related tasks and situations.
  • Must be able to understand verbal and written instructions.
  • Must be willing and able to accept direction.
  • Must be willing to expect the unexpected.
  • Note: Medical training is NOT a necessity, but certificates in First Aid and CPR, and a knowledge of diabetic dietary meals, are pluses.
  • Previous experience is not essential, just a willingness to learn on the job.
  • Basic knowledge of mechanical tools, and sewing skills, are also assets.


Note:   This position is funded through the NS Department of Health and the supplied funds can only be used for wages. Funds can not be used to reimburse on the job travel, related expenses.


To initiate the application process for either position:

E-mail: with either “Part-time PLA” as the subject line. In your e-mail include why you are interested in this position and why you feel you would be a good person for this. If you can describe concrete examples of your reliability and other skills listed above, please do so.