My Statement of Beliefs

I believe:

  • In a kind, loving, caring, and compassionate God.
  • In a God who does not expect perfection, but one who appreciates honest & sincere effort.
  • In a God who expects us to use the brains He gave us and to trust the wisdom that He instills in us.
  • In a God who wants us to simply try.
  • In a God who wants us to be the people He knows we can be. – i.e. honest, caring, sincere.
  • In honesty, but always being mindful of how it may affect others.
  • In using tact and diplomacy.
  • In using words wisely.
  • In accepting and appreciating each individual on their own character.
  • In equality and social justice.
  • In respecting others, but respect cannot be demanded – it can only be obtained by giving it back.
  • In helping others whenever and however we can.
  • In loyalty and commitment. – Anyone who has known me long enough has undoubtedly heard me say: “I may not always like the people I love, but I always love them.” – This basically means that my loved ones will, from time to time, irritate me, frustrate me, make me angry – to the point of pulling my hair out by the roots, but I’ll always love and care about them.
  • That a biological connection does not necessarily make people members of a family.
  • That your “brothers” and “sisters” do not necessarily have to have the same parents as you. – They just need to honestly love you, care about you, and always want what’s best for you.
  • In good. – Yet I am very aware of the many problems that exist in this world.
  • That good cannot exist without some bad.
  • That good can (and often does) emerge from bad and that what we often perceive as bad, really isn’t.
  • There is a reason for everything, but often the reasoning goes far beyond our comprehension level. – God understands why, but we don’t.
  • That each one of us has a particular purpose and a journey to follow.
  • That life is meant to be enjoyed, appreciated and made the most of.
  • That people are meant to be loved, valued, respected, encouraged, and never ever, ever taken for granted.

Whenever my time is up, (which I honestly hope will be many, many years from now) I imagine a conversation, something like the following, taking place:

God:      “Well kid-o, What’did’ya think?”
Me:       “Hey Big Guy, I had a blast!”
God:     “Did you love?”
Me:      “Yup! – You bet. I loved my husband, my friends and family, even cared about people I never got to meet.”
God:    “Did you enjoy the life I gave you?”
Me:     “Immensely! Thank you God.”
God    “Did you try to make a difference?”
Me:     “Well, I tried. – I’m not sure how successful I was, but I tried.”
God:    “Did you do good?”
Me:      “I hope you think so.”
God:    “Ahhh….. You did my dear. You did.”

Enjoy the life that you have and love the people you hold dear to you.

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