A More Lighthearted Sketch

Hi there! I’m Gerianne and for better or not, I was born under the birth sign of Gemini. Like most good Gemini’s, I have the ability to chaotically throw my friends and family into complete tail-spins, whenever I inadvertently end up doing something that they don’t expect me to do – which I’ve been told can be quite often! An old friend of mine once said: “Every single time ya think ya got Gerianne all figured out, she goes and does something that completely messes you up!” (Actually, she used another word for “messes” but for the sake of being polite we’ll keep it clean here. 🙂 )

Strange but true…….

As a young rug rat I used to spend countless hours playing with pop bottle caps. I used to have a shoe box full of them and I would sit on our living room floor day after day playing with them –  arranging them, sorting them, grouping them and then regrouping them. Little did I know that this would was a foreshadowing my future. While attending Sheridan College, in Oakville, Ontario, I found myself taking its Human Services Administration program. In essence I was now using those same basic skills (arranging, organizing, etc.) only now the pop bottle caps had become organizations, people, policies and procedures. – Hmmm!

The Great Loves of My Life are:

My friends and  family (as I define them, not necessarily tied to biology.)
My church.
My faith.
Helping and sharing my time with people.
And of course – writing!

Another great love of my life is the city of Halifax, NS. I truly think of this city as my “home” and I love it immensely!  From my very first visit here, Halifax grabbed hold of my heart and wouldn’t let go. I wish I was born here. It truly feels right for me. I’m thrilled to be living here!”

BTW, one of my absolute favourite quotes which was relayed by one of my former Grace College Instructors, who first heard it from one of his former Professors, is:

“The greatest mystery in my life is why my friends (and family) love me so much.”
I too, share this great mystery – absolutely!

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