Compassionate Action

It all starts with us, showing that we do indeed care and that we have great compassion for others.

Here, I’ll ask above all else, that you do whatever you can, (however big or tiny) however you can, for whomever you can.

Listed below are some suggested actions that we can take to help many, but as well, remember that a great number of these things we can also do for individual people. Sometimes it is the individual who gets overlooked or forgotten, but often they are the ones who need and will appreciate our kindness the most.

By doing such things, you will be following in the footsteps of Jesus and you will be blessed abundantly with the grace, joy, and love of Christ.

Any time of great or small tragedies, we often feel that there is nothing we can do – nothing that will make any significant difference; but there is.

So, what can one person really do?……  Here’s what:

Help In the Immediate:

  • Pray. It may sound far too simple, but never underestimate the power of prayer.
  • See if you can volunteer to help in your local community through churches and organizations who are preparing to send aid and supplies.
  • Volunteer at any of these organizations – either regularly, or with special events.
  • If you know anyone within your proximity who has lost or who is worried about a friend or loved one, spend time with them. Pray with them if they would like you to. Pray for them in your own prayers, if they are not comfortable praying with anyone else.
  • If you know anyone from a distance who has lost or who is worried about a friend or loved one, e-mail them, call them, write them, just to let them know you honestly care. Pray for them and their loved ones.
  • Consider making a one-time monetary donation (big or tiny – it all helps) for a specific need, to one or more of the many recognized registered charities who are accepting funds to aid those affected by the tragedy.
  • Think of some creative ways which you can help.
    Tell others about these organizations.
  • Tell others about this website.
  • Encourage others to do likewise.

Help for the Long-Haul:

  • Continue to pray. – When a tragedy falls from the daily news outlets – and unfortunately they all will and way too soon – there will still be those in need of help and prayer. Please don’t forget about these people.
  • Consider becoming a volunteer with an organization who strives to help those in need.
  • If you have the time and are physically able to do so, consider being part of a mission team, who will go to these devastated areas to help rebuild homes, communities, and people’s lives.

Spend Some Time Visiting Important Sites:

As you have done so admirably in the past, I urge you to continue to support the organizations listed below. They in turn, help those in need. Consider making regular donations to one or more of the following organizations:

Presbyterian World Service & Development.
The Salvation Army.
The Canadian Red Cross.
Feed Nova Scotia – “Hunger knows no season.”
The Breast Cancer Site: Simply visit, then click. Doing so will fund a mammogram for someone’s mother, sister, aunt, niece, grandmother, granddaughter, cousin, or friend. Early detection is the key to survival of breast cancer. It takes less than a minute to and you may save a life – maybe someone you love.
Visionledd Canada: is a federally chartered Canadian charity dedicated to helping form strategical alliances among African churches and para-church ministries with the aim to proactively combat the HIV/AIDS epidemic which is currently savagely killing an entire generation of young Africans.

These days, many think of “religious matters” as mere rituals – where nothing “real” ever happens, or gets done, yet these organizations and many churches prove otherwise – in very big, and many ways.

If you would like your website listed here, please send a brief description and its URL to: A reciprocal link would be appreciate, but not a requirement.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


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