Almost Like New Book Sale

As an ongoing fundraising effort to help cover my costs of attending the Summer Institute’s Theology and Disability conference each year in May, I am selling many books from my personal collection. Most of these have never been read or even cracked open! (See why, below.) Many of these titles are now out of print and hard to find.

So, for those of you who love “tangible” books, especially regarding Theology, (as well as other topics) this is a great opportunity to get some quality books at half off their original price. A list is on this website, under the “Almost Like New Books Sale” tab.

After you have compiled your choices, e-mail me your list at: The list will be updated, with more books being added, so please check back. In your evaluation of my prices, please keep in mind my aim is to raise significant funds for these conferences, as well as my own medical/disability related expenses. For more information on this please visit my GoFundMe site at:

If you can travel to Halifax’s city center and if we can arrange a central meeting place, I’ll just ask you to pay my asking price. If you don’t have access to our city’s center, in addition to my asking price for the book(s), I’ll ask you to be ready to pay C.O.D. as well.

The reason why most of these books have never been read or cracked open is because in my love of books, I used to buy them (before e-books came along) hoping that I could manage to read them, but my limited physical coordination (holding a physical book, turning pages, etc.) would inevitably prevent me from doing so.

And if books are not on your “must do bucket list” but you would still like to make a supportive gesture, you can again do so at my GoFundMe site.

Click this link to review a printable .pdf.

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