A Call for Faith Writers

If you are a writer, (or an aspiring writer) and would like your work to be considered for publication on this website, please be encouraged to e-mail your article(s) to office@written-in-faith.net for review.

Your writing does not necessarily need to be defined as “Christian based” to be published on this site, as long as it has a humanitarian focus and strives to benefit others. After your work has been reviewed, as long as the content is your original work, provides a positive message and is not considered offensive, it will likely published on this site.


Copyright of submissions will remain sole property of the original author. (Please provide some means of verifying that you are the original author.) Written in Faith (Publishing) requires one-time rights for publication on its website. By sending your work, you are automatically granting those rights.

Financial Remuneration:

Unfortunately, at this time, I can not afford to pay contributing writers, however, never underestimate the value of exposure. Your work will be seen and read by many.

E-mail your article to: office@written-in-faith.net with “Faith Article” as the subject line. By submitting your article you are automatically granting one-time rights to Written in Faith, to publish your article on this site.

Please note: Written in Faith is not liable if a third-party unknown to Written in Faith illegally copies your work without permission.


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